Long time gone!

Hopefully you can see Davis' progress. When he goes in for physical therapy it is 45 minutes of walking. They are working on a mile.

Davis has enjoyed talking to you his friends. He also has been busy going out and doing things with family and friends. Tyler just got back from Afganistan and we all enjoyed going out for Chicken Fried Steak.

He walked

About 2 days ago physical therapy put braces on Davis' legs, and with the help of a walker, Davis Walked!

On the down side, Davis hit his elbow and ended up with an infection. The medical staff gave him oral antibiotics, which didn't do anything, and then antibiotics by injection into his elbow. He hasn't been responding to these measures so they took him to the Medical Center downtown today.

Dec. 17, 2009

Davis has been working hard with his physical therapist and occupational therapist. He spends all day now in his wheelchair tooling around the halls.

His family is looking forward to springing him for several Christmas dates. His brother from Seattle will be coming in this weekend and the other brother (Tyler) comes in today. I know Davis will enjoy seeing them too.

Davis really enjoys talking and seeing each of you.

Nov. 13, 2009 Friday

Davis had a tough day yesterday with the neurological pain. As bad as yesterday was I sure am hoping that he will get back something great this time! Davis has really been working hard trying to get his balance and core muscles working together. He has made unbelievable progress.

Davis has been released by Orthopedic and Neuro to return to TIRR for therapy. Unfortuantely, when I made the appointment with 'TIRR there was a 2 month waiting period for an appointment! So that being said, we are trying to figure out where Davis will be going in the mean time.

As many of you know, Davis is using the phone now, he loves to hear from you guys, so call him on his cell phone, the number is the same.

Oct 21, 2009 Wed.

Monday night we got a call from Davis saying his foot had been burning the night before.  He said he got into his wheel chair that day and his foot felt different, and he tried moving it and kicked his LEFT leg!  Davis has found that the burning sensation in his body is a sign that he is going to get something back!

Davis continues to be determined that he will walk.  Praise God!

Sunday October 12, 2009

It seems like Davis is daily finding something new that is coming back.  He wheeled his chair all around the second floor (which is pretty long.)  He says it feels like his back and legs are on fire, and the therapist said that is the nerves returning.  So even though it doesn't feel good, Davis is celebrating big time!

October 8, 2009 Thursday

Davis has been getting more return in his legs and hands.  The other day he called me to tell me he had rolled his wheel chair all the way down the hall.  He told me today, he has been getting more movement in his legs and feeling in the back of his body.  He told his therapist that it felt like he was on fire, and the therapist said that was the nerves returning.

Davis has been enjoying his friends calling and coming by to see him.

Sept. 27, 2009 Sunday

Davis has his cell phone, so if he hasn't given you a call yet, you may want to give him a call.  Davis continue slowly to recover.  He has gotten some movement in his left leg now too.  He has a pretty strong grasp with his right hand, and is continually working on his left arm and hand.  For those of you that know him I know he would appreciate a call.  He spends most of his day in bed and is really bored!  He has been down that the place he is in doesn't have ESPN, and the saving grace is that this is foot ball season, and at least for me, there is always a team playing!

Sept. 11, 2009

We have been trying different things to get the phone working for Davis.  My husband thought he could push the speaker button and talk on the phone, but it also involved lifting the phone off the hook which made it impossible for Davis to do.  We have taken a cordless phone in and hope this will help.  We are trying to get his cell phone back to him, but his sister has been using it!

Davis actually lifted his right knee this last week!  The physical therapist has been putting him in a sling and having him stand!  He only gets about a 1/2 a minute before his blood pressure crashes, but it is progress.

I haven't been having as many updates, partly because this is just a slower time.  This is the time that he is healing, his bones are trying to knit together (and that would be pretty boring to write about everyday!), and he has just a little physical therapy each day.

Davis is in good spirits, and tells me to stop worrying.  He says he isn't worried, so I should stop!  I do know that it is through prayers and God's intervention that he is alive and healing today.  Thank you each and everyone for your prayers.

Friday August 28, 2009

Heartland Health Care Center - West Houston

2939 Woodland Park Drive
Houston, TX 77082

His phone number is 281-759-5481 and the hours for visiting are unlimited.

He is in room 2203. (He has a phone right by his bed)  Beau loves Jack in the Box something bacon burger.  I am bringing a bunch of noodle ramen, that can be made in the microwave.  I am going to check and see if we can keep food in the freezer for him.  I bought a V8 fusion for him today, I seem to remember he likes that.  He is pickier that I remembered, and I think he doesn't get very hungry.  Jack has brought him Bear Claws and he has liked those, he loves carrot cake, but  the cookies he got just sit by his bed. We also brought a chopped barbeque beef sandwich the other day and he wolfed it down. 

I also know the Lousiana food Bernadette would fix he would gobble up.  I think Jambalya, shrimp (he loves shrimp) I can't spell all the french/ cajun foods!  He doesn't like beans, I know that for sure.  Maybe Bernadette will give use some ideas when she checks the site.  I would be nice to have some things he can have by the bed that don't need refridgeration.

I think that the days go by pretty slowly, without ESPN!  So if any of you get the chance to visit I think he would love it.